Verruca is a type of a wart which typically develops on the sole of the foot. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and appear as small lumps which can be either painless or painful. They tend to go away eventually on their own, however, this may take months or years and they can easily spread to other body parts and to other people.

There are many treatment options available on the market and you can treat your verruca at home with over the counter products. However, if you are not sure weather the lump you have is a verruca, you have many verrucae, it bleeds or changes colour or the home treatment simply didn’t work, contact a podiatrist.

Here at South Dublin Podiatry we will assess your verruca and advise you on the best treatment approach. On the initial appointment we will pare down the verruca and treat it with highly concentrated salicylic acid to kill all cells infected by the virus. You will be then advised to continue treating it at home for a few weeks with the recommended treatment or attend clinic on weekly bases until your verruca clears up. This normally takes a couple of weeks.

Recently we introduced a new treatment for plantar warts (aka verruca) with the use of a topical solution based on Nitric Complex ®. It is an ideal treatment for the stubborn verrucas that do not respond well to other treatments. With effectiveness of 90%, you need an average of 3 sessions with a maximum of 6 to achieve complete resolution.

If You Think You May Have a Verruca or Would Like Some More Information About Our Treatments, Call Our Podiatrist on 083 8341454 or click HERE to book your appointment.