What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

Biomechanical Assessment involves observing how the body moves with walking and running. As Podiatrists, we pay attention to the way your feet move, but also how your body moves a whole – it is all connected!

We assess the fluidity of movement throughout each step and break down each movement into individual segments to see where pathology may be originating from. It is important to identify deviations from the norm with gait, in order to treat contributing factors, and move more efficiently and freely.

Who Would Benefit From a Biomechanical Assessment?

A biomechanical assessment is beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your hips, knees, ankles or feet. If you have any structural deformities causing pain such as bunions, toe deformities, high or low arches or if you have previously had an injury to your feet. Or if you are simply concerned with the way you walk or run!

What Happens During a Biomechanical Assessment?

We start off with a few questions regarding your current symptoms, how long you’ve had the pain or discomfort, what makes it worse, what makes it better and so on. We then assess how you stand, walk and check the range of motion of the joints such as the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints. We also assess muscle function and check for any muscle tightness which may affect the way you walk.

As podiatrists, we know the importance of a well fitting shoe, so we will ask you to bring a few pairs of the shoes you normally wear so that we can make sure they are the right kind of shoe for you.

What Happens After?

At the end of your appointment, podiatrists at South Dublin Podiatry will provide you with an ‘Action Plan‘ which details our findings and recommendations. Our advice may include:

  • Stretching / Strengthening Program: If we find that there is any muscle tightness or weakness affecting the way your foot works, we will tailor an exercise programme to stretch or strengthen the affected muscles.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics: Orthotics are devices inserted into shoes to correct an abnormal or irregular, walking pattern. At South Dublin Podiatry, we use the latest technology to produce your orthotics. The IScan 3D allows us to prescribe devices, with a 0.5 mm precision, to the structure and pathology of the foot, considering the footwear and lifestyle of our patients.
  • Footwear advice: this includes recommendation of certain types/brands of footwear to suit your particular foot type and problem.
  • If deemed necessary, we may recommend you a visit to your GP for a referral for further investigations such as an X-ray, MRI or an Ultrasound. 


Biomechanical assessments usually take about 30 minutes in total and can be finished by taking a 3D scan of your feet if orthotics are required.

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