At South Dublin Podiatry and Chiropody we are committed to providing foot care for the whole family, from toddlers to seniors. Whether it is a sore corn, fallen arch or a simple concern, we are here to help.

General Foot Care (€50)

During this appointment your foot will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution from toenails to heels. We will trim and file your nails, removing any ingrown sides, and follow with full removal of hard skin and any corns. The superficial skin will be sanded via a drill to ensure a smooth finish and any verruca will be treated, if present. At the end we will apply a deeply moisturising cream, leaving your feet light and fresh.

Verruca Follow Up (From €30)

Verrucae can take some time to clear up and so we would recommend a consistent treatment regimen. The treatment will largely depend on your age and symptoms. At South Dublin Podiatry, our two main treatment options include cryotherapy and treatment with salicylic acid, both of which have been proven to be safe and effective ways to treat plantar warts.

Lacuna Consultation (€95)

This appointment is ideal for someone with discoloured and/ or thickened nails. We will test the nails for fungal infection and reduce their thickness. We will also discuss in detail the lacuna treatment and check if the candidate is suitable for it. Read more about th Lacuna Methord here.

Orthotics (Prices vary according to presription)

Orthotic insoles, also known as orthoses, are placed into shoes to correct an abnormal or irregular, walking pattern. They allow you to stand, walk, and run more efficiently and comfortably by helping to restore regular balance and pressure on muscles and joints. Read more about our 3D custom orthotics here.

Biomechanical Assessment (€60)

Gait assessment or a biomechanical assessment involves the podiatrist examining your foot posture, major joints in your legs and feet and assessing the way you walk. This appointment is particularly useful if you experience any kind of foot or ankle pain and require an exercise program or orthotics.

Nail Bracing (€80)

We are delighted to introduce CombiPed, ‘The Intelligent Adhesive – Wire Brace’. This revolutionary technique is particularly effective for ingrown and involuted nails and does not involve any surgical intervention. Application of the nail brace will take approx 30 min. You will be asked to attend a follow up one week after the procedure. Re-application may be necessary 4 – 8 weeks later depending on the severity of the condition.

Wound Care (€30)

Foot ulcers or wounds may require regular treatment and redressing. At South Dublin Podiatry we are delighted to offer specialised wound care services including assessment of the lower limb circulation, wound debridement, offloading and redressing.