Do You Struggle Wearing Orthotics in Your Summer Footwear?

After a day at the beach or a weekend relaxing in flip flops, the comfort of wiggling toes often turns to sore and aching feet. Although everyone loves flip flops and sandals, podiatrists agree that the lack of support is unhealthy for your feet, knees, hips and back.

Patients who wear orthopaedic insoles or orthotics in their shoes often ask us what should they do in the summer as their corrective devices do not fit into their summer footwear. Although our 3D printed orthotics are slim and fit most current footwear trends, even they would not fit a flip flop or majority of the off the shelf sandals. Not to mention any custom made bulky orthotics that are still on the market.

However, this summer we bring you a solution to this ever lasting dilemma.

Enjoy This Summer With Style And Health!

South Dublin Podiatry has teamed up with EdserLabs® to provide you with the first true custom made flip flop to give your feet the support and correction they need.

We are now extending the service to provide you with an exclusive design, made to measure sandals.

Our custom made flip flops and sandals are recommended in combination with the use of custom made orthotics in your everyday and exercise shoes.

Do you have a pair of Naot or Hotter sandals that you love? We can now create a sandal footbed with an inbuilt orthotic!

Our Custom Made Footbeds can be swapped between any Edser recommended styles or Hotter footwear from the same collection.

How Are Your New Sandals or Flip Flops Made?

Your podiatrist will take a 3D scan of your foot and send it to Edser Labs. With the model of your foot and your practitioner’s prescription, Edser will custom make an orthotic flip flop, sandal or footbed for your corrected foot position. If you already wear Edser Custom Made Orthotics, you will not need to be scanned again.

By adding custom made sandals, orthotic therapy hours can increase by up to 50%. With this increase in use, more treatment time with proper foot alignment means better results. Don’t skip on orthotics when your lifestyle and fashion call for sandals, talk to our podiatrists about Edser Custom Made Orthotic Flip Flops, Sandals or Footbeds today!

If you would like an appointment, you can contact us below or click here to book online.

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